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Title: The Frost of Springtime

Author: Rachel L. Demeter

Genre: Historical Romance
To rescue her was to rescue his own soul.
On a cold Parisian night, Vicomte Aleksender de Lefèvre forges an everlasting bond with a broken girl during her darkest hour, rescuing her from a life of abuse and misery. Tormented by his own demons, he finds his first bit of solace in sheltering little Sofia Rose.
But when Aleksender is drawn away by the Franco-Prussian war, the seasons pass. And in that long year, Sofia matures into a stunning young woman—a dancer with an understanding of devotion and redemption far surpassing her age.
Alongside his closest friend, Aleksender returns home to find that “home” is gone—replaced by revolution, bloodshed, betrayal—and a love always out of reach. Scarred inside and out, he’s thrust into a world of sensuality and violence—a world in which all his hours have now grown dark, and where only Sofia might bring an end to the winter in his heart.
Inspired by the 1871 Paris Commune, The Frost of Springtime is a poignant tale of revolution, redemption, and the healing power of love.


imageedit_39_7583436317Author Bio

Rachel L. Demeter lives in the beautiful hills of Anaheim, California with Teddy, her goofy lowland sheepdog, and high school sweetheart of ten years. She enjoys writing dark, edgy romances that challenge the reader’s emotions and examine the redeeming power of love.
Imagining stories and characters has been Rachel’s passion for longer than she can remember. Before learning how to read or write, she would dictate stories while her mom would jot them down for her. She has a special affinity for the tortured hero and unconventional romances. Whether sculpting the protagonist or antagonist, she always ensures that every character is given a soul.
Rachel strives to intricately blend elements of romance, suspense, and horror. Some common themes her stories never stray too far from: forbidden romance, soul mates, the power of love to redeem, mend all wounds, and triumph over darkness. Her dream is to move readers and leave an emotional impact through her words.

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What are people saying about @RachelLDemeter's The #FrostofSpringtime? “[The Frost of Springtime] is highly historical full of rich imagery, accurate details and plenty of narrative to capture the essence of the time. The history in this historical romance is fascinating and I loved that Demeter took such care to develop the history as though the history itself was a character. “ Get your FREE copy for a limited time!


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High school senior Olivia Winging gave up her love of photography when she gave up her boyfriend, Trevor Youngblood, a year and a half ago. She broke things off with Trevor because her mom married his dad, and dating your step-brother? Creepy.

Livvy hasn’t been on good terms with her mother since, and one of her stipulations for staying at the Youngblood’s every other weekend is that Trevor can’t be there. When she gets nominated for the Junior Photography in Excellence award, Trevor insists she enter. She agrees—only if every photo in the portfolio can be of him. Knowing that Livvy can capture a person’s deepest secrets through her lens, Trevor hesitates before accepting the deal.

As Livvy gets behind the lens of her camera again, her love of photography is rekindled. Unfortunately, the time she spends with Trevor also re-ignites the old flame for him she’s kept smothered for so long.

In order for Livvy to finish her portfolio, she’ll have to face her feelings for Trevor as well as deal with the animosity between her and her mother. Livvy’s always been able to capture a person’s soul from behind the camera—but she’s not sure she likes it when the lens is suddenly focused on her. If she can’t find a way to forgive her mother and admit how she feels about Trevor, Livvy may end up losing more than just the photography contest. She could lose her heart. 

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“The taut poetry keeps tension high. The plot is deftly paced, as past intrudes on present, like a photograph emerging in developing fluid.” ~San Francisco Book Review

“Every word Johnson writes carries an emotional heft that lifts readers up to the highest happiness and then sends them crashing down to the depths of despair. It is easy to flow from the first word to the last without ever putting down the book. Johnson shows outstanding talent in this form, and her words are beautiful, important and deeply felt.” ~The Deseret News

About Elana Johnson:

Elana Johnson’s work, including Possession, Surrender, Abandon, and Regret, published by Simon Pulse (Simon & Schuster), is available now everywhere books are sold. Her popular ebook, From the Query to the Call, is also available for free download, as well as a Possession short story, Resist

Her self-published novels include two YA contemporary novels-in-verse, Elevated and Something About Love, as well as a YA/NA futuristic fantasy series, which includes Elemental Rush, Elemental Hunger, and Elemental Release.

School teacher by day, Query Ninja by night, you can find her online at her personal blog or Twitter. She also co-founded the Query Tracker blog, and contributes to the League of Extraordinary Writers.

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Savage Journey
by Jessica Leigh



On the day of Katari's traumatic birth, a 12 year old orphaned boy named Nicholas Belline is caught stealing a beaver pelt by a merchant along the rough waterfront of Montreal.  Guilty, he is forced into servitude as a French-Canadian Voyageur - an adventurer - with a band of uncivilized men within the wilderness along the mighty Saint Lawrence River. In a world fraught with peril at every step, he grows to manhood among the roughest of men, as a Coeurer de bois - a Runner of the Woods.

By the age of 17, Katari knows only one thing: she craves a life of adventure - outside the boundaries of her quiet, little family village. Although gifted with the talent of healing, passed on by generations before her, the restless Katari rejects her calling. When her twin brother, Grey Wolf, sets out on a journey of a lifetime to the bustling White trade settlement of New Amsterdam, Katari is by his side to experience it all. Little do they know that the eastern colonies are on the brink of war, and that their risk grows with every step.

On the very night of an English invasion, Nicholas Belline rescues an injured and unconscious Native girl from within the battered rigging of a horrendous accident brought about by the terror of the city's inhabitants. Little does he know that the keenly bright and passionate Lenni Lenape girl is about to change his life irrevocably, and set him forth on a fierce journey of his own. When Katari ultimately returns to her people, Nicholas must battle the demons of his childhood upbringing and change his untamed nature to win back the love of a woman like no other in a wild New World.


Katari’s curiosity bloomed. She had seen many nude males before; it was surely nothing new or wrong. The shape of one’s body was a gift from the Creator, and there was no shame in it.

However, Katari had never seen a naked White man. Where they so hairy everywhere? Where they that different from Native men? Her heart tripped along as they slipped into the bushes along the river’s edge.

Opichi peeked through first. Katari heard her intake of breath. “Eee, their rods are large,” she whispered heatedly.

Katari surged forward to thrust her head into the bushes just in time to watch Nicholas dive under the surface. Pétant had waded in far enough that the waters rose above his waist. His chest was as huge as a one of the White barrels of spirit-drink.

Nicholas swiftly emerged from the grey-blue water and swept back his hair. It had grown long enough since its last shearing to hang just below his muscled shoulders. Katari liked it this way, for it reminded her of her own people. But that was where the similarity ended.

He was much broader of chest than any man she knew, save for Pétant. His male muscles were taut and corded down his arms and back much like the most practiced of warriors. In truth, his body was not very hairy at all. There was a smattering of it on his chest, right between the place where his nipples puckered from the coldness of the waters. A line of it descended down past his ridged abdomen and into the water, exactly where his-

Katari bit her lip to stem the image, still waiting. “Come on,” she whispered encouragingly.

“It was large, I tell you,” Opichi voiced knowingly.

Katari glared at her. “I did not get to see it!” she exclaimed in agitation.

“Both men are well-made,” Opichi continued. “I am pleased with my man. Are you with yours?”

Katari stared at her young friend, embarrassed. “He is not mine, you know this,” she returned after a moment’s pause.

“Ha,” Opichi stated with a smug grin. “If I were you, he would be, and quickly. He called you his Country Wife, and kissed you full upon your mouth in front of all.”

“That was in jest,” she sputtered.

“Such a heated kiss was in jest, you say?”


“Ha,” was all Opichi said in return.

The men spotted them both at that moment. Pétant cupped his large hands around his mouth and yelled, “Come here then, girls!”

Giggling, Opichi spun around and dragged her friend from the bushes. Together, they sprinted for the room.


My Review

13 years old Nicholas Belline caught stealing a beaver pelt by a merchant along the rough waterfront of Montreal.  It wasn't his first time to steal without a family it was only way to survive. This time ee was forced into servitude as a Engagés - indentured servants, with contracts upwards of three years -  a band of uncivilized men - They paddled canoes deep into the wild interiors to receive and return pelts gathered from the trappers of New France’s booming fur trade.  It was endlessly laborious, and wickedly dangerous, even for men twice his age, bulk, and cunning. The hostile interior of the New World was filled with every kind of danger known - weather extremes, sicknesses before unheard of, and predators of every kind, from giant bears to scalping Natives. He Survived. He had paid off his indentured servitude in less than three years and grow to a barrel-chested, with thick beard. He also had ended up in many brawls and spent more time in the rough-hewn brigades under the torment of self-appointed lawmen than he would have liked.  He didn’t seek out trouble, but it seemed to follow him doggedly. he also had come to love the wilds
Opichi was a girl that Nicholas saved from a drank trapper who kidnapped her without an turning her to her to be his “country wife" By the Native traditions, it's an agreement between the girl's family and the white man. The sides usually exchange gifts to celebrate the arrangement and the fur trader would become, through marriage, an honorary member of the girl’s family.  Thus, he would gain the loyalty of the woman's kin when it came to trading furs and supplying game.  It put coin in a man’s pockets, made Native allies, and warmed his bed in the process
Katari - On a wintery April first at Wolf Clan Lenni Lenape village - Jenna Ulfsson gave birth to boy and girl twins. Jenna was of Swedish ancestry, and not of Native Lenape birthright, Back in the Dutch-controlled harbor settlement of New Amstel, along the Delaware River where she was raised, many women died in childbirth. Jenna had faced death, betrayal, capture and captivity, and had survived it all, finding love and a home with her father Running wolf.
As a toddler, Katari’s mischievous enthusiasm had been impossible to contain and as adult  Katari was simply the continued gale-force. She was a truly gifted in the the art of Medicine but she seemed almost afraid to embrace her talents. 
Mingan, or Grey Wolf, Katari’s twin brother, had become a trapper of extreme talent and notoriety in the Minsi clan, as well as their neighboring tribes.  He wished to make trade and procure coin and gifts so that he could then select the finest of bride-wives.  And he certainly had plenty to choose from.  Katari could tell that her brother did not like rooming in a White man’s house. He did not like the way the bedding smelled, or fact that piss pots were commonplace. He did not trust walking on wooden floorboards that creaked loudly, as if under extreme duress, from even the lightest of footsteps. Yet he had given into her pleas in the end.
On the day that Katari succeed to convince her family to sent her with her father to New Amsterdam,  King Charles II of England who had promise New Netherland to his brother, James, Duke of York,  sent four warships and over six hundred soldiers to carry out the task. It was the cause of turmoil and confusion which lead to a terrible accident. A yoke of four oxen thundered, torn free from an overturned dray, and charging in unfettered fear toward them. They crush onto them cause the separation of unconscious Katari from her brother.
Nicholas saw the accident and save Katari from a certain death, the confused  mass of people caused him to turned and flee the town. without his best friend but with 2 native Indian women. One injured and unconscious and the other he could barley communicate with. When ” the injured girl had moaned “Mingan ( a warrior’s name of Lenape origin. Wolf) he was sure that due to his superior luck, it was likely that he had kidnapped the injured mate of a fierce Lenape warrior, and was also traveling with the stolen and defiled daughter of an Ojibwe elder – of high status – as he had earlier learned from Opichi.
To his amazement he discovered that  Katari could speak both Dutch and French with a good degree of competency.
AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jessica Leigh is an author, a professional freelance writer, and an environmental scientist with a degree from Penn State University (1993). Born and raised in Pennsylvania, she is an outdoorswoman, a nature enthusiast, and is an avid researcher into Native American cultural history in her state.

Jessica currently resides in Kempton, PA, with her four children and cat Rose Marie along a beautiful mountain stream near Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. She loves running, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and reading as much as possible.

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Blog Tour: Athena's Ashes (Star Thief Chronicles #2) by Jamie Grey

Athena's Ashes 

Publisher: Clever Crow Press
Release Date: August 26th 2014


It’s Renna’s biggest job yet – convincing MYTH leadership that she’s put away her lock picks and is ready to save the galaxy, despite the dangerous implant in her brain. But with the Athena on the run, she’s working solo and facing her most ruthless enemy, the traitor Pallas, who’ll go to any lengths to destroy the MYTH organization. Including framing Renna for a devastating assault on MYTH HQ that leaves their defenses crippled and hundreds dead. 

Now that MYTH believes she’s a dangerous double-agent, Renna escapes their firing squad before they put more holes in her than a pair of fishnet stockings. But the ticking time-bomb in her head is the one thing Pallas needs to complete his master plan and he’s not about to let her get away. Even worse, he’s discovered the only thing that will bring Renna to her knees – threatening Captain Nick Finn.

Out of time and options, Renna’s got one shot to take down the traitor before he annihilates everything she loves, even though winning this battle may cost her everything.


by Jamie Grey


For someone who was supposed to be the best thief in the galaxy, Renna had been spending entirely too much time locked up lately.
Not that a high-security hospital room in a secret MYTH base was much of a prison for her, but the IV line snaking from her arm might as well have been a pair of Saltani iron handcuffs. She swung her feet over the edge of the lumpy bed and watched the holoscreen on the far wall. Stats scrolled past, red text on the black background. Her vitals were stable; blood pressure was fine. Looking at her chart, she was the picture of health.
Except for the cybernetic implant taking over her mind.
Renna rubbed the back of her neck where the original incision site had started to throb. It had been doing that a lot lately, thanks to Navang’s depraved experiments and the drugs he’d injected her with. Drugs he’d used to create a whole army of human-robot hybrids.
Thana Samil, the MYTH doctor in charge of her case, said it was nothing to worry about, but Renna knew better. In the five days she’d been locked up here in the MYTH facility, the pain in her head had only gotten worse.
And then there were the weird side effects. She hadn’t stepped foot outside her room, but she knew a bank of super-servers sat in the northeast corner of the facility, as if she’d drawn the blueprints herself. Communications relays resided on each corner of the roof. She’d even felt the throb of the automated defense cannons guarding the facility.
If the doctor and her team didn’t figure out how to slow down the integration between the implant and her nervous system, Renna would be a walking machine before she had the chance to stop the person behind all this.
If Renna’s hunch was right, the traitor was close enough to touch. Maybe even inside this facility. But she’d never find him if she was trapped here for the rest of her short life. She slid off the bed to pace the stark room, careful not to disturb the needles in her arm. Six steps to the door. Turn around. Six steps back to the bed.
She’d done this to herself. She’d volunteered to be locked away and dissected, just to keep Myka Aldani safe. To keep Finn safe.
Her pacing slowed as a pang of longing shot through her. Captain Nick Finn. Former gang member turned MYTH soldier and her first childhood crush. Now, she suspected that she’d fallen in love with him, which worried her. Renna had spent most of her life making sure that didnt happen. Yet somehow his bright blue eyes, square jaw, and straight-laced moral code had slipped through her defenses.
And oh, the way his fingers had tantalizingly stroked her most sensitive places…
Renna felt herself go warm as she remembered the last time she’d been with him. She’d escaped from Navang, but not before he’d started the process of taking over her implant. Finn had spent the night in her room, waiting for her to regain consciousness, and she’d practically begged him to make love to her. She could still feel the heat of his skin. She inhaled, half-expecting to smell his scent—sandalwood, gun grease, and something that was inexplicably him.
She needed to know what was going on between them, and if that meant more bunk-side exploration, she’d totally take one for the team. But until she knew how to stop Pallas and put an end to these experiments, she wasn’t going anywhere, despite the urge she had to run back to Finn. She’d stay in this facility and let them poke and prod her, just to protect him and Myka. Even if it made her crazy.
The lock on her door beeped, and high-heeled shoes clacked across the threshold. Speak of the devil.
Renna turned as Dr. Samil entered the room. The young doctor wore a pleasant smile despite the slightly frazzled appearance of her long blonde hair escaping the messy bun she always wore. Renna leaned back against the edge of her bed. “Do you always have to look so happy at the prospect of stabbing me with those instruments of torture?”
Dr. Samil’s blue eyes sparkled. “For someone who’s done her share of killing, I can’t believe you have a needle phobia.”
“We all have our weaknesses,” Renna said with a shrug. “Pointy, shiny, metal bloodsuckers just happen to be mine.”
Samil set her holopad down on the counter and pressed her thumb to the scanner to unlock the drawer. She pulled out a tray of tools. “I guess it’s time for the torture to begin.”
The doctor brushed her bangs back off her forehead, and Renna gritted her teeth as she slid back onto the bed, preparing to be poked.
“How’d the last test go? Is the implant fusing normally?” Renna stared pointedly at the far wall as Samil fumbled with the glinting needles on the tray. “Or whatever normal is in this fucked-up situation.”
The doctor shook her head, flicking a finger against one of the syringes before pushing the plunger. Pink-tinged liquid squirted from the needle. “I wish I knew. I haven’t seen anything like this before. It’s fascinating.” Her voice was full of that breathless excitement Renna had come to hate. “Whatever Dr. Navang did prompted your ordinarily harmless implant to start fusing directly with your nervous system. If my hunch is right, any other cybernetic implants installed during this time would also fuse to your body. You could even start picking up other electronic signals.”
Renna flinched. Not only because of the quick jab of pain as the doctor deftly slid the needle into her arm, but because she was already picking up those electronic signals. Things were progressing faster than the doctor knew.
“Relax. I promise this won’t hurt.”
“That’s what Navang said.” Renna tilted her head and fixed Samil with a frown. “And look how that turned out.”
The doctor finished injecting Renna with whatever drug cocktail she was trying today, then smiled. “There. Wasn’t so bad, was it? I promise I don’t like torturing you any more than you like being tortured. Unfortunately, I need one more sample to check your antibody levels.”
“Of course you do.” Renna grudgingly let the woman extract a vial of blood and then crossed her arms as Samil slipped the vial into her pocket. “So what did you mean about the other implants?”
Dr. Samil nodded as she tapped some information into her tablet. “Navang wanted to create an army of hybrids he could control, right? Well, the first step was to keep their bodies from rejecting the modified implants he installed. But it didn’t work. His technique destroyed some of their own tissue and risked the constant rejection of the implants. Hence the need for a steady infusion of the anti-rejection medications.
“The new formula he tested on you was a different attempt at the same thing. If he could find a way to make your body fuse with the implant, make it think it was part of itself, eventually technology could overtake biology. Even better, when the process was complete, depending on the type of implant, he could have different types of soldiers. He’d be able to control them all using his neural network. They’d be nothing but mindless robots until he gave them orders.”
Samil’s voice rose as she spoke, her gestures growing even more animated, but a dull ache had started in Renna’s stomach. She remembered the expressionless eyes of the minions at Navang’s lab as she’d slaughtered them to ensure Finn and Myka’s escape. Her heart squeezed as she recalled Viktis’s assurance that she would make it. Her skin crawled at the realization that she was nothing more than an experiment to the doctor, a shiny new toy to be studied until the novelty waned.
But this was Renna’s life. She wasn’t going to sit here helpless while other people tried to save her. “How long do I have?” she interrupted before Samil could get even more excited. The woman positively hummed.
Samil paused, blinking at Renna. “Of course. Right. My assistant has had some success in creating a new drug to slow the fusion. It’s not exact, but I’m hopeful it will work.” Wispy, flyaway hairs floated around her face like a halo as she shook her head. “I’m confident we’ll have a breakthrough soon. I promise we’ll figure this out.”
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Doctor. The headaches are getting worse every day.” Renna rubbed at her sore temples, closing her eyes as a wave of pain started to build. She shored up the walls surrounding her heart and refused to even think about losing the connection she’d made with Finn. “On the plus side, if your drugs don’t work and the implant takes over my brain, I hear metal body suits are all the rage this year.”
Samil crossed her arms and leaned back against the table, a frown marring her pretty features. “You’re awfully calm about this whole situation.”
Renna shrugged. She was ten years younger than the doctor, but she suddenly felt like she was a hundred years older. “I’ve learned to deal with the unexpected in my line of work, doc. If you can’t change something, you figure out how to work around it. It’s the only way to survive.”
“That’s a cynical view of life for someone who’s only twenty-three.”
“You saw my file. I grew up in the Izan tenements on Earth, with a prostitute for a mother and a background in stealing. I’ve worked hard to move on, but growing up like that leaves a scar. Or two.” Renna forced herself not to touch the physical scar on her neck, the daily reminder of that life and everything she’d worked so hard to forget.
Thinking about her mother’s attempt to kill her in a drug-induced rage still made Renna flush with shame and hatred. Still made her wary of trusting anyone. Even Finn.
Samil’s expression softened. “I know. And for someone with your past, you’ve come a long way. You’re now part of an intergalactic organization, doing your part to save the universe. You’ve become something bigger than just a thief. I admire you for that.”
“If I had a choice, I would’ve been long gone by now. I’m no hero, and I certainly am not a team player. I don’t need to depend on a galactic organization. I just need myself.” Renna settled back against the pillows and crossed her arms. “MYTH can keep its good deeds. I’m just in this for the dental plan.” And just maybe to make sure she got a shot at happily ever after.
Samil chuckled, and Renna felt a responding smile twist her lips. Despite the needles and the fact that the doctor viewed Renna as a science experiment, she liked the woman. Samil was whip-smart, and if anyone could solve this puzzle, it would be her.
“What am I going to do with you, dove?” the doctor asked with a shake of her head.
“Save me, I hope.” But the doctor could stop using that stupid nickname any time now. Thinking of Renna as a meek little dove was laughable.
“I’m doing my best. I do wish Navang’s facility hadn’t been destroyed. If I had access to his drugs and research, it would make all of this so much easier. Or even Myka Aldani. At one time, he was the key to all of this.”
Renna’s pulse jumped, and she dropped her gaze to the stark white tiles on the floor. This was exactly why she’d sent Finn on the run with Myka. Destroying the facility had been the only way to stop the human-robot hybrid army Navang and Pallas were building, but it had also signed Renna’s death warrant and put the kid in even more danger.
Had she made the right choice? Could she have stopped Navang another way?
“Do you know why Captain Finn destroyed the place?” Samil asked. “It doesn’t make sense. The captain doesn’t disobey orders.”
“You know Finn?” She clenched her hands in her lap at the unexpected pang of jealousy. The past seven years had changed Finn into a different person, and those years were wrapped in a protective cloak that seemed to surround his heart. He was different, but that Finn from her childhood still remained. She’d thought they’d have plenty of time to get to know him again, to figure out if there was, in fact, a relationship developing under her nose, but life never worked out the way she planned.
Samil nodded. “I was ship doctor for a year on the Athena. He’s a good man. It must have been something big for him to turn his back on MYTH.” Her blue eyes searched Renna’s. “Are you sure he didn’t tell you anything?”
A lump formed in her throat, and she had to swallow around it before answering. “Finn and I didn’t exactly get along when I came on board.” Sticking to half-truths was the safest bet for now, until she figured out who she could trust.
“Right. I’d heard he was angry that Major Dallas wanted him to work with a thief on the last mission. You, I presume?”
“Guilty as charged. He wasn’t likely to confide in me either way.”
“Probably not. I know how he felt about people like you.” Samil’s eyes widened. “I mean, people who don’t follow the law.” She shook her head with an apologetic frown. “I’m sorry, this isn’t coming out right. I just mean Finn’s a good man. For him to go on the run from MYTH means something is seriously wrong.”
Renna nodded. “I get it. I’m a thief. Untrustworthy. But I was hired to do a job and that’s what I did.”
“I didn’t mean anything by it, Renna. I’m sorry.” The doctor glanced at the door. “Now that I’ve put my foot in it, I’m going to go make sure my assistant has your newest sample. Stay positive, Renna, it’s going to be fine.”
“I hope you’re right because it feels like my brain is about to ooze out my ears.”
Samil unlocked another drawer with her thumbprint and rummaged inside. She pulled out a small, flesh-colored disk. “Here, put this medipatch on. It should help with the pain.”
Renna slapped it on her arm. “Thanks, doc. I’ll see you later. Hopefully much, much later.”

Samil smiled as she left. The door swished shut behind her, and the sound of the lock re-engaging echoed through the room.

 photo addtogoodreadssmall_zpsa2a6cf28.png photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpg

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Jamie Grey spent most of her childhood writing stories about princesses who saved the day and pretending to be a daring explorer. It wasn’t until much later that she realized she should combine the two. Now, as a tech-obsessed gamer geek, her novels mix amazing scientific developments, future worlds, and the remarkable characters that live in them.

Jamie lives in Michigan with her boyfriend and their pets, who luckily tolerate her overspending on tea, books, and video games. You can learn more about her at, or follow her on twitter via @jamie_grey.

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